::Kaleidoscope blanket- progress::


Lots of pictures for my colourful Kaleidoscope Blanket Mystery CAL from The Natural Dye Studio, I’m just completing the attaching of the motifs for February and have started to hook the ones for March. I’m a little behind, having been rippling along on my ripply blanket for a little hooky break, but I’m love, love loving the progress and therapy of this blanket. I introduced this blanket back in March after making some progress with it and finishing other WIP’s.Image

It’s beautiful hand-dyed merino wool and I’m working it on a 3.5m hook, so that my tension matches the size the triangles need to be. The beauty of this blanket is the mysterious nature of receiving a package in the post, filled with the scrummiest and loveliest yarn, winding it all up, then exploring and figuring out the colour combinations for the motifs. The Photo album on my Facebook page has the very beginnings of the blanket and shows the progress made, even with the travelling motif making in the car!ImageImage

Anyone not familiar with the Natural dye Studio, should have a peep over at their Facebook page (there are links to their website too) and revel in the colour, designs and magnificence of Amanda Perkins’ designs. I first saw her at yarn dale and I will be meeting up with Amanda at Woolfest this June. She has some fabulous ideas, including the completed and cryptically photographed finished Kaleidoscope Blanket!


This is her recent Supernova Blanket.



So I’ll be hooking away at my colourful Kaleidoscope Blanket for the next few weeks, winding the newly arrived package of yarn and watching the pattern unfold. We even have a Ravelry group to see each others progress- but no peeping at the next stage. Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!

::Kaleidoscope Blanket Club::

Hi, just a quick post to show you the amazing Kaleidoscope blanket club I’m working on. It’s my super-lovely christmas present from my lovely hubby from The Natural Dye Studio. I saw Amanda and her amazing blankets, yarns and projects at Yarndale last year, and just knew that the Kaleidoscope blanket was something I would love to do. The fabulous idea is that it is revealed to you month by month, an you have no idea what the finished blanket will look like until nearly the end. Genius!!

My first bundle of kaleidoscope club yarn skeins arrived in the new year with the starter pattern and motifs.


Doesn’t it look beautiful? It is gorgeously soft and indulgent. 100% single thread 4ply Merino.Image

I got my yarn all wound up into balls ready.


I’ve got some motifs completed with my 3.5mm hook


And I’m so excited to get the rest done. I’ve ben checking it out on flickr and Ravelry and there is an additional group where club members can have a chat an a sneaky peep at the stages completed.

Off to do a couple more motifs… will keep you posted!!

::Ta-Dah – Wild Wood Wool neck warmer cowl ::


This is my first Ta-Dah post in a while but what a super-duper quick little project this turned out to be- a neck warmer cowl for the not yet arrived cold weather and in the perfect rainbow dyed colours of purple, pinks, raspberry, teal and greens called Wild Wood Wool. Last week, before I felt super ill, I went to the amazing Wool clip in nearby Caldbeck to buy some yarn, I talked about it in my post about Half term, my beautiful Wild Wood Wool which I knew I was going to make a gorgeous neck warmer cowl. They have such an amazing selection of hand spun, hand dyed yarns from British breeds and they are mostly farmers/ farmers wives them selves. They are the amazing group behind Woolfest, celebrating it’s 10th birthday this year! WooHoo!! I’ll be going, and you really shouldn’t miss it if you love anything yarn, textiles, creative, crafty of any kind, at all, whatsoever!!! It is a cooperative of 15 members with a diverse range of textile skills and styles. I LoVe LoVe going to the Woolclip; it’s so inspiring.

Anyhoooo…. I bought this wonderful yarn. Beautiful blue-faced leicester by Cecelia and Jean called Wild Wood Wool. 100g, one skein, cost about £12.00 and I knew what I would do with it. A cowl (neck warmer thingy).

So… I wound it.


Then started crocheting it. Hmmm, I only wanted it to just go over my head without messing up any hair do I might have (not!), so decided after a bit of frogging and pulling out, to do (lots of 3) +2 chains for turning (I knew I’d do double crochets to start with). I used a 4mm (g) hook.


For the foundation chain I did 93 loops (I knew the main pattern would be in triple clusters) and after a tricky dc first row, when you have to be absolutely certain it hasn’t twisted, I was off! I then did two rows of single triples (1 triple in every loop) before settling into a pattern stripe of alternate, single triple row, then triple cluster row ( 3 triples in every 3rd loop).

CAM00111It grew and it grew and it grew… then I realised I wanted a firm edging to finish it off, so after again pulling it back so that I had enough yarn, I ended with 2 rows of single triples ( after the last triple cluster row) and then a last row of double crochet. I had 3 inches of yarn left! Ha ha wasn’t that great?



Ta-dah the finished item. So beautifully random and rainbowed.


It had it’s first outing on Saturday, you may have seen in this post Outside again.


And here is a not very flattering shot of a ‘poorly’ me wearing it for the day to keep me super-warm whilst working.


Hey ho… I do love it soooo much and it was really easy peasy. Hey, this has turned into my first proper tutorial type thingy, Hope it all made sense. Go on have a go, it really can be done – one skein, that’s all, this one cost me about £12.00. A bargain I think for something so unique and beautiful. They make great presents. Any problems or advice needed please let me now. :O)xxx