• Whilst the weather…•

Whilst the weather has turned nastily wet, soggy and miserable I'm able to continue with my lovely •Sunshine Blanket•. I decided after my last blog, to make blocks of four, and have almost completed each block. My next task is to edge them into tiles and then join all the tiles together. I was thinking I would use the variety of greens in my pallette, for the overall edging as then they will have the true colours of the inspiration for this blanket- the Everlasting Mixture Tulips.


When I laid out the yarn, I was thinking of the green leaves an the heads of abundant colour of the tulips.


So, having got myself very tired at work, and having had a nasty migraine for the last few days, I've been able to save my soul and do lots of crocheting and building up my granny square stash without making my head feel any worse. As I haven't been able to read, or listen to music (makes my head feel fuzzy and dizzy), it has been lovely to sit in the peace and quiet and do some hooky.


I will neeed to look carefully at how I place them, so that the colours are shown at their best, to watch out for similar colours together and get an overall eveness about it. I'm very excited, as I haven't crochetted a big project like this in a while. Its been, knit, knit, knit!

I've finished some more Granny-bunting for Yarndale, and will be sending it off to Attic24 very soon. (I'll post pics soon too.)

Just when I really needed it, my new book arrived, freshly delivered from Amazon with lots of lovely new ideas in, for me to adapt, recreate and generally peruse. Also I decided to buy a couple of Crochet magazines, on the hunt for one that I may want to subscribe to. Not sure if maybe following and keeping an eye on other blogs isn't more productive and inspiring, especially Lucy@Attic24, who is such an inspiration to many and hottly recommended. She is even mentioned in Crochet magazine and Simply Crochet as a blog to follow.



Yes… if you have looked carefully you will notice the other amazing delivery that has cheered me up no end. Our tickets for The Cambridge Folk Festival arrived today too! Ta-Dah!! I'm very excited to be going, meeting up with D, K and little Em. We'll be able to get •BIG• tent out next to Dora the Explorer Camper van, and have falafel, artisan beers and ciders and sit around the various campfires whiling away the evenings listening to glorious music. I can't wait!


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:: Tulips::

After a difficult week at work, followed by an even more difficult weekend as a result, my lovely hubby brought me flowers home, and knowing how much I •adore• tulips he brought a •Mix•Ture•


Aren't they beautiful? What I can never understand is why they droop so quickly. I filled the vase up with as much water as possible, as someone once told me that they need it up to the top of the stem if you can. Anyway, they got me thinking about the beautiful tulip fields. I looked some of them up, if you Google Tulip Fields there is an array of amazing images, equally as inspiring as they are lovely. Such an inspiration for blankets, crochet and knitting, the colour combinations and ratios of the patterns are stunning!

Tulips 3

I can just see my next Afghan Blanket!

Tulip fields  
Tulip fields 2

Such a range of ideas and beautiful colour pallette.

I'm looking forward to Woolfest this weekend and the array of fantastic crafts people that will be showing. Last year I made my bunting, red, white and blue (for the Jubilee of course), and overall there were over 200m of crocheted and knitted bunting made and lovingly donated by the public. The Woolclip have provided much of the support in West Cumbria and the Lake District region nearby,with skeins and skeins of naturally dyed yarns from local farmers and small businesses.


I always feel so inspired yet so inadequate when I visit, as there just isn't enough time to do all the projects I want!

Woolfest 2

Such a contrasting colour scheme to the strength of colour in the tulips and the tulip fields, but still as beautiful and natural in their own way.

Sunshine blanket is coming on so beautifully, I'm hoping that it will be ready for when we go to The Cambridge Folk Festival in about a months time. We will be taking •BIG• tent and all the camping gear for our jaunt down south, meeting up with D, K and Little Em. I can't wait to see them and also to relax and take a well earned break from the busy life I have at school. It will probably be our last holiday together before E goes off to University and off into the •Big• wide world. Oh well not to dwell on that before bed; too much sadness and happiness mixed up together. Thinking happy thoughts!x


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•Brightening up my day•

Well the weather has changed and the sun seems to have dissappeared again. With the British Grand Prix only a week away and J,  E, and little J very excited, I'm somewhat relieved that I've got my crochet booty bag to be getting on with whilst they do the wandering around the track and pit lane etc. My Sunshine Blanket is now growing and I have completed 32 stunning squares. At my monthly crafting group this week, everyone was very complimentary about the pallette of colours and how amazing it is begining to look, lots of love for the crochet.


Each ones is like a gorgeous little jewwl and each one is very different, eventhough the pallette is used for them all. Twenty beautiful colours to brighten up my day, and I'm trying to make time to do them whenever time is free. 


I can't decide whether to block them into fours or join them randomly, so that there is no rhyme or reason to their placing. I'm a little concerned it will become too contrived. However, with so many adorable little squares, I'm certain it wil turn out •FaNtAbUlOuS•.

My appliqued Little Owl Cushion also got a night out, at craft group, and I've made a pattern for him. I'd like to make a variety of sizes and I think they would make great door stops filed with rice, sand, dried beans etc, (with one of those little absorbing moisture gel crystals bags)! He looks so welcoming sitting in the hall on the settle.


I'm really, really enjoying discovering crocheting again and have dug out all my old books form my Textile Designer days, so that I can play about with edgings and patterns. Having knitted, patchworked and quilted for the last twenty years for myself, the boys, other people and made blinds and curtains for the house, I really feel that  with Little S on his way, my enthusiasm for crochet has been thoroughly rekindled and it is for •me•. It is such a joy to begin something and watch it grow so rapidly before your eyes, and for it to be such an amazing heirloom, keep him warm and be so beautifully received. Such amazing things can be made with time, energy, effort, trial and error, and bundles and oodles of love ♥ 


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•Garden developments, sunshine blanket and rainbow colours•

•Well what a busy week it has been at school, so much to do with it being the end of term and the school year. But, hey ho, I've always got the •CoLoUrFuL• excitement of my new blanket project and the array of jewel-like colours I'm mixing in my Sunshine Granny Square Blanket.

They really do look •BeAuTiFuL• 😉


We've been working on the garden too and J has built me a wonderful Pergola/Arch for some climbers.


I'm looking forward to sorting out which plants to buy so that I get fragrance and colour. A clematis, climbing rose and some sweet peas are my first choice, but I'll have a look in the good old garden centre and see. I've also got some Rainbow Mixture bulbs to plant around it in the autumn. (Must remember to fill up the birdfeeder by the looks of it, they're so hungry those Chaffinches!

Happy days!x


So I've been to the garden centre to look for plants but unfortunatley rain stopped play ;-(  On the flip side it means I get to do more of my granny squares for Sunshine Blanket, and did a bit of sneaky baking too so that J, E and Little/Big J had some snacks and yummy, scrummy butterfly buns. Don't think they'll last long!


Its amazing what you can get done in about half an hour, that's one of the benefits of •PuRpLe AgA• being on all day long, as well as a cosy warm kitchen in cold rainy Cumbria, especiallly today. Although I love where I live, I can't help feeling the sunny spell that we've just had, may have been our chance at summer!



I do love my •PuRpLe AgA•! 

• Oh well, If that was summer maybe I should get back to Sunshine Blanket for a cheer-me-up and prepare for the long, dark, cold winter ahead! I've had such a positive response from friends and family about my blankets I think I should stock up on yarn and get prepared for some sustained yarn-bombing!

Happy days again! 😉



Little S blanket

Well since my brother and his partner announced they were having a little boy, who is scheduled to make an appearance in September, I decided I just had to make a baby boy blanket. Well it would be rude not to!

So I set about hunting out lovely soft baby yarn and found loads in the attic left over from my knitting and making for my Little Men.


I crocheted 56, 4 round granny squares all with a cream edge, and then joined them all using a chain stitch join in cream also. Here I'm just beginning to join the rows before doing the crooss-over joins.

It's gorgeous Debbie Bliss cashmerino yarn (you can get it at The Wool Warehouse) which crochets beautifully and feels super soft for my soon-to-arrive nephew.

Well here it is finished.




Hope they like it!



Everlasting Mix•Ture, yarn and sunshine squares.

What a beautiful day! I've been sitting in the sun writing my class reports. Yes I know, not really on task but I can't help thinking about my gorgeous new yarn and the sunshine blanket I'm planning on making. I've already hooked a few granny squares to start with to see how the colour combinations work.


I think they look gor•gee•us! I'll call it my Sunshine Blanket when it's finished to remind me of the spell of sun we're currently having. The yarn I have bought to make it with is a lovely acrylic in a range of beautiful bright summer colours.


Quite a pallette! It's by King Cole and called Pricewise, not a very exotic name I know, but at £3.99 per 100g ball in such a spectrum of colours, I couldn't resist.


I think I shall abandon reports for now and arrange myself for some sunshine yarn-bombing on my little quiet garden patch.


# B:T:W, the enormous granny square is my very first attempt at crocheting when I was 10 years old. My next door neighbour showed me how to do it, and encouraged me to make one square. The only problem was I didn't know how to stop, so it ended up quite large! I have loved it ever since, along with my very first home-made patchwork cushion (I was also 10 years old). They share many happy memories with me.

Everlasting mixture

…and as for Tulips, I couldn't help but use these gorgeous tulips as my inspiration for something creative, especially as they are called Everlasting Mixture. It just seemed so apt for the launch of my blog.

Happy reading!


Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm very excited to be starting this and after considering it for a while, I know I've got lots of lovely textiles and ideas to share. So pop along and have a look at my photos, patterns, tutorials and general chattiness!