•Lovely – Sunny Festival Granny stripe blanket!•

It is a bit of a marker point for me this blanket, sunny, gorgeous colours, lovely, festival feeling, rainbow hues and super soft DK yarn. But it will be the rainbow colours that will remind me of the sunshine and rain of being a parent. My big boy will be leaving home for University this year, and I'm feeling … well… I don't know really!


I've chosen the pallette for my next project Sunny Festival Granny Stripe Blanket, which is the stash I have left from my lovely Sunshine Granny Square Blanket.  I'll be getting on with whilst away at The Cambridge Folk Festival this week. I'm soooooooooooo excited about going to a music festival and staying in •BIG• tent with J, E and little J. D, K and little E kiddiwinkles are looking forwards to their trip in Dora the campervan and it'll be an amazing start to our holiday. •RoMe• and •PoMpEiI• trips booked too. Uncontainable lovely glee at the thought of travelling. 

A tinge of sadness at leaving E in England doing his own thing for the summer after Cambridge – well he is 18 now and it's great for him to be so independent – can't help feeling sad that he will not holiday with us for the first time this year on our Roman Holiday trip.

So another blanket I shall make, to keep my mummy mind busy and distracted from the inevitablity of my eldest son leaving for university after this summer break. I cannot tell you how much I am so incredibly proud of him. xoxoxoxox soooo much love!!

So the blanket…


Right, the beginning… I used yarn markers to mark out every 50 chains in my foundation chain, all 210 of them. I did take a peak at Lucy's blog for her Granny Stripe blanket over on Attic24, and followed her very good, sound advice about checking and rechecking. And guess what? No cussing or bothering, happily I got it right first time!! 

And boy, does it grow! Once you're past the tricky first couple of rows…


…and you keep triple clustering into the third spaces, it really does begin to take on it's own personality!! Such a happy blanket, and incredibly satisfying.


It's growing rapidly and although it's just another blanket, it will be the one I do at The Festival with E and the family, and therefore it will always remind me of this time. My last summer holiday with my boys all together for the next few years. There will be family times, but our rhythm of life for the last 18 years will change…. and that's ok!!

I realise this could all sound a bit mawdling, as my Granny would say, but really truly I'm not. I have a wonderful, happy new relationship waiting for me to blossom with my soon-to-venture-off-son, and I'm going to embrace the changes.

 Sooooo, many happy good times ahead this week with very close friends and family with changes to our little life as we have known it. But, it's all good, just keep hooking and life will go on as normal. A new normal. 😉 


Happy thoughts :o)

Night. Night.


:: Ta-Dah!! Sunshine Granny Square Blanket::



Here it is in all it's wonderful colourful glory and I am soooooo chuffed and happy with it. Only taken 5 weeks to complete, which is great considering I have a full time job, and I have loved every minute.


I have spent the last few days taking photos of the process so that I can remember how I did it. 

If you remember I got the inspiration for this beauty from the tulips I found for the garden called Everlasting Mixture.


They were also the inspiration for my Blog title too. So really this first-in-a-long-while-blanket, is the flagship of my new ventures.

Ever tulips

I hope I got the balance of colours , the mixture of green yarns, with the brighter notes for the tulip heads in the other coloured yarns. The pallette I chose seemed to suit it perfectly.


I will post a tutorial for it, complete with yarn, stitches and compilation. 

I've created a photo album of the progress of this project and it's really lovely to see it imerging and growing, evloving and turning into something wonderful. Ahhhhhhh…..

Soooooo excited, I must go and make a Ta-Dah!! section now to put in my lovely finished project.


•A happy ending•

And breathe……….

It has been so helpful and cathartic to share my thoughts and feelings over the last few weeks, especially with it being so difficult at work. The end of the school year is always a tricky time; teachers moving classes, children moving classes and taking down the colourful work that makes each classroom so unique. However this year I have had the additional emotions go year 6's who are leaving our happy school, after 7 long and fruitful years. They were understandably upset, and I was sad to see them go.

What a wonderful bunch of children they are too; so many gloroious presents from them (we teachers in y6 paid for them to go bowling – we all had a wonderful happy time). What an incredibly lucky teacher I am, they have all been so generous, thoughful and personal in their choices.



Handmade key rings too, in all my favourite colours. 😉


I feel very lucky, appreciated and happy to have made such a lovely impression on those children's lives. I know they will go on to be successful if they want to. Teachers get such a bad press, and many many of them are truly dedicated to their work and do it very well. When you consider that people entrust their children to us for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, we have a huge responsibility to fulfil in teaching them the nuts and bolts of the curriculum. But, we also need to ensure they enjoy learning and become learners for life, not just the content parts, but the interaction, social and emotinal aspects of life. I'lll get off my soap box now – I am just so passsionate about being a teacher and a learner myself.


My friend and colleague S, got me a fantastically inspirational book, Chicken Soup for the soul which has some wonderfully uplifting stories and thoughts on life and love. I enjoyed starting it and dipping in, whilst having my •super delish• version of my salad for lunch on Saturday, in the glorious hot weather again.


This made me cry – Thank you for helping me grow!! I love my job. 

Now time to recharge those batteries and get next years topics planned (no 6 weeks holidays for me – or any other teacher!)

I might squeeze in a little trip to Rome with Big J and LIttle J whilst E is busy doing work things to earn money for College in September.

See you later! xx


•Yum, scrumptious, delish•

The glorious weather continues, and I'm beginning to feel far more positive about the months ahead. A lovely walk in the fells this morning helped to see the strength and beauty of everything around me, how everything has it's own importance and has an impact on your feelings and emotions. The landscape was breathtaking and beautiful and enigmatic with amazing views across the lake at Bassenthwaite.

Then home for a lovely lunch. Lots of lovely pieces of •delish-us-nuss• green olives, parma ham, moxzzarella balls, mint, balsamic vinegar, baby plum tomatoes, melon. Yummmmmmy!


Gardening beckons.


•Look what has arrived! •

Soooooooooo excited returning home to a parcel note. Collected from the next door neighbours (very accomodating) and guess what?


Now to delve inside…. excited!!



And delve deeper…


Gor•gee•us… can't wait to start creating and hooking some really amazing items.



It's like Christmas, the potential, positivity, inspiration, untold pleasures of the creation of wondeful, beautiful things. Stylecraft yarns, Drops paris and somevery special Debbie Bliss aran that is difficult to find as it is being discontinued. All from the Wool Warehouse.

Yum, Yum. I can't contain my glee!!

I have stored some of them in my other latest acquisition, a beautiful Hat box from the V and A museum shop, where they have beautiful objects, creations and amazing inspiration. 



Lets have a look inside… ooooooooooooooooooooohh, 


Lots of lovely new things to use to make lots of lovely new things:: Granny Squares, Blankets, granny stripes, even mandela flowers. Scrummy!



Saturday:: After another stressful and tiring week in a busy inner city primary school, and endless performances of The Jungle Book with my Year 6 children, who I am incredibly proud of, what a wonderful way to relax with a bit of retail therapy with my good Friend D. We enjoyed Starbucks Refresha drinks, shopping for shoes, then Coffee ala Cafe Nero, then shopping for summer dresses, then Ice cream ala Thorntons, then shopping for work night out outfit!

I did spend a small fortune, but the things I got are very wearable, mix and match and will last me aaaaggggeeesssss! At least that's what I'll be telling J! Why do we do that? We all need to buy clothes but maybe its because we feel extravagant, doing it all in one go, out and about with girlfirends or your Mum, sister etc. It feels like covert operations! I have shown J all my lovely purchases and he approves – honesty is always the best policy. 😉

So that just leaves Sunday. What an amazing day!! Shopping sorted and organised ready for lovely salad for lunch, garden station set up for the tennis watching, and a lovely chat with my Mum in our sunny garden. Wimbledon Mens Singles Finals. Go Murray!!


So with the beautiful weather, hottest day of the year, I decided to enjoy a bit of outdoor hooky by sorting my granny squares into blocks of four and edging them with their self colour for now. My Mum came over to watch the tennis, from my outdoor vantage point (TV adjusted in the kitchen to accomodate the outdoor blanket position), and have a good chin wag. 


I have reached a bit of a dilemma now: which ones to put next to each other, and how the overall blanket will look at the end, dark to light, alternate colours, grouped similar colours or totally random? I do love these bright sunshine colours, having looked carefully at the pallette to start with. I have identified a couple of the squares that I think have worked really well, colourwise, and have some ideas of the 6 coulrs I want to use in my next project, a ripple blanket.



Having laid them all out, it is easier to see how many more I need to make and also the distribution of colours. 



WOW! GoRgEoUs aren't they? I'm so happy with them and feel very excited about getting nearer to finishing them off. They do make me feel content. They are going to make an amazing Sunshine Blanket.  I've been admiring the fruits of my handy work a number of weeks ago when I was planting and potting up ready for the summer months. I planted these dianthus and was a bit unhappy with them to start with as they didn't look like they were going to amount to much, the wind and the rain had battered them so much. But look at them now! BeAuTiFuL!!


So next was the fruit salad ready for tea, and Aga-Que, ooooooo. Some gorgeous sausages from the local butchers, burgers, homemade coleslaw, couscous, marinated olives…. ooooh yum yum! Not to forget the lovely little new potatoes my friend gave us from her early crop.


With meringues, cream and strawberry sauce – it was delicious!! 

What a lovely weekend, such a change to be relaxing and enjoying the simplest of things with my lovely family. J, E and little J all happily cycling, eating, talking and playing football together.

I even got a lovely bunch of Sweet Williams today, they look lovely brightening up my kitchen.


I have had such a traumatic time at work recently, with one thing and another, but my amazing family and good friends have always been there to support, nurture and hold me when I've cried through the difficult times, and I know I'm a very lucky person. What a lovely little life. x


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