It seems so long since I posted anything of any wordage… it has been incredibly busy getting back to school and sending my big boy off into the world of university, but here I am back and ready to share my thoughts with you all.

What an amazing summer holiday; The Cambridge Folk festival seems like such a long time ago and the start of festival granny stripe blanket held such excitment and anticipation. I am loving still being able to pick it up and continue with the security and comfort of the stripes leading me further on and on.

It is growing and growing…

However with the emotion of my eldest son leaving home in September for University never very far away, the summer was a mixture of feelings. Rome with my youngest was exciting and yet strange, being at home whilst the eldest was away working was diferent but ok.

So what did I do? I launched myself into lots of yarn-i-licious projects to keep my fingers, my mind and myself occupied.




And my ta-dah!! of the season… tutti-fruity lampshade which I still look at with total and utter delight and glee.


and in close up…


Little balls to decorate the lampshade…


Little owls…


and creating my studio space in the Hayloft at the top of the house…


This is where I was able to organise all my lovely yarns that had been in the attic (I know really sad) for many many years, but were now free to sigh and snuggle up in their new home, ready to be plucked and worked into new projects (of which I have many planned!)

So after a trip to london with all my Y6 children, a fantastic and positive start to the school year, last weekend was the emotional leaving of my son to university.

The whole family are in transistion with him now gone (and I am totally confident that he will be absolutley fine), Little J will miss his big brother having him around to play X-box, football and bike rides and probably the odd little argument. Although on the whole they are very close as brothers which I am very proud of. J will miss the boy talk; football, bikes, F1 etc and also him just being here with us in our family. I miss having him around as he is a sensitive soul and always can tell when I am sad, down or just need a hug. 

I will and I do miss him. But my week was made this week when I picked up the phone and there he was… Do I need to thaw this frozen chicken Mum before I make a chicken curry? !@$%@!

We'll be fine. 


::Itty-bitty teeny balls::

I made some teeny weeny balls for the edging on my Tutti-Fruity Crochet lampshade. Really simple to do but a tiny bit fiddly.


Ok, here you go…
Make a slip knot leaving approx, 15cm tail which you will use as stuffing. Ch2, work 6dc into 2nd chain from hook (6sts). Then 3dc into first chain from hook, this gives you 9sts overall. Then 1dc into each of the 9 sts. Fold the excess tail into the fabric and fold it into a bowl shape. Then hook the yarn through 4 times at separate points into the 'fabric' holding each one on the needle and then pull one stitch through the rest until it closes up. Fasten off, then using a darning needle, thread tail end down through the ball, and secure any gaps, fluff it up a touch and snip off the yarn, (unless you are using that to attach with). TA-DAH!!!!


::TA-DAH!!! Crochet Lampshade::

I can hardly control the delight and uncontainable glee at the loading up of this blog post – I am so incredibly proud of this project. :o)xxxx


The light shows off it's amazing shape and looks almost like a stained glass window. It wasn't an easy project, there were many times when I pulled bits out, changed colours, or was stuck with the shaping. But, being organic was exciting, as I ddn't know what the finished result would be, just a vague picture in my head!!

When I got the lampshade and it looked like this…


I knew I wanted it to be based on circles and not stripes, but there would be some stripes in it for the edging. You can find the tutorial (as much as it is) for this lampshade here, and I hope it inspires upcycling projects like this as Delquilter inspired me with her lampshade… remember

So here are a few of the  pictures of my new and gorgeous lampshade which will take pride of place in my soon to be revealed studio.



It looks particularly beautiful when the light is on, but equally colourful when it isn't. I'm really pleased with the edging so that the shape of the shade can be seen.


As you can see I added some teeny weeny crocheted balls onto the bottom edge, really easy to make but a tiny bit fiddly instructions are here. I'm really pleased with the results though and have already sourced a couple of new shades from the charity shop to make some more and try out other designs. Watch this space!!!