::Autumn wreath – Ta-Dah!!!::

I cannot contain my EXCITEMENT, I’m so so so so so so EXCITED!! (I think I might burst).

I hope you’re ready? All will be revealed very, very, very soon. Please be patient – don’t spoil the surprise.

The journey for this wreath has been AmAzInG!!

_DSC0004It’s my very very first wreath and I’m so so so so so extraordinarily thrilled, excited and exstatic to be sharing this, I can’t begin to tell you. It is such a huge undertaking for me with all of the other commitments I have with school, family being a mum and seeing my friends I really did think I would be finding myself snowed under very quickly. BUT, what deep joy and escapism this project has turned out to be.

It all started with this photograph and colour pallette.

1378113_681338888552015_536470261_n 1385342_681339751885262_1776523704_n

I was feeling very brave when I set out on this project with so many wreaths that began to appear on Google of the stunning Fall photos from America and Canada. This one caught my eye immediately and I shared it on my Facebook on 15th September this year.


I had also been very inspired by Lucy @Attic24 with her beautiful May flower, Easter and Christmas wreaths. I decided to make my Autumn wreath just before I went to Yarndale where I knew I would see and gather bits of inspirational ideas and maybe even some delicious yarns.

I also wanted to use the glorious countryside around my beautiful Lake District Landscape home as my inspiration, the colour combinations, textures, variety and jaw-dropping beauty of the incandescent light some days.


Rememeber the Autumn walk blog here? Then there was the visit to Shipley, Skipton and the Dales for autun inspiration here.

Then just when I needed a little bit of something to add some personality to my wreath ideas looked what came through the letter box? Simply Crochet magazine  provided leaf patterns, and the most adorable lttle Hetty hedgehog!! (I think she looks like a Hetty!!)


So ok, back on track. Don’t get distracted now! The yarn and the colours.

Remember how I started this project with my little collection of ideas. Well I say little, I had HUNDREDS of ideas all jostling for attention and waiting for me to get organised. 


A lazy saturday morning breakfast before hitting the great outdoors for inspiration.


The gathering of lovely, juicy little treasures. (With their smart little hats on ready for the drop from the tree).


Then my new book for flowery, leafy inspiration and tuition.


And we’re off!!!


Then the colour organising began.

I crocheted this wreath using a pallette of rich and vibrant autumnal colours and took a little bit of artistic licence in some of the choices, as I wanted it to be a bit zingy but also true to the season. I ordered Stylecraft Special DK yarn in bright pink, teal, emperor, copper, khaki, meadow, walnut, aster, claret and graphite from The Wool Warehouse for a 4mm hook and I used a 35cm half round wreath.


I added a little eggy yellow stash yarn and a few other olive greens and browns from my odds and ends and off we go again!!



It really began to burst with life very, very quickly and that spurred me on to keep going. The colour changes were really quite random and I deliberatly liked that it was organic and grew with a mind of it’s own.


With all of my other little items coming along beautifully too, it was looking sooooooooo lovely!! I just had to get a snap! The fern leaves, marigold and oak leaves are from 100 flowers to knit and crochet – here! 


Toadstools I found a little pattern for on the good old internet, and then I made a little pumpkin inspired by this brilliant  blog


Then the making up. It is a bit like the reverse of opening up your christmas presents as you begin to put it together. You have to be rEaLlY careful not to rush in your excitement and glee to see the end result!

Hang on a minute… I’m not showing it to you yet!! I’m relishing every moment of this reveal. 

Now for the little parts…


They were beginning to mount up and I used lots of different shaps and colours so that I could get that autumnal range of beautiful colours. Do you like it so far? I LOve LOve LOve it and I lOve the part when it starts to take shape and you can begin to see how the picture in your head, starts to turn into something tangible and maybe even WORKS!!! Oh my goodness it was exciting.!!


However it needed something sparkly and pretty amongst all of the brown, khaki and deep red. Ah HA!!! beautiful beaded blackberries – juicy and glisteningly delectable. I fiddled about for a bit with a kind of tiny weeny ball pattern and they came out fabulously – don’t you think?

More leaves, gerberas, marigolds, michealmas daisies (from 100 flowers to knit and crochet – see above) and some twirly bits (just chain a length and then 2trb into each one. They will curl and spiral all by themselves.)


Are you ready? Nearly there…


Putting it all together and it’s starting to emerge.


Adding a few buttons from Grandma’s old button tin. (You didn’t peek to much I hope…)


Are you ready?????? You can scroll down now



So here it is, my Autumn Wreath in all it’s delicious, happy, scrumptious glory. I am bursting with pride at this project and how I persevered and finished such a mammoth task! 

And for desert, here are all of the little bits that make up the whole.


The beautful blackberries and  shades of bright pink help to lift the autumnal colours. I love it here on the Hall wall…



The beautiful and adorable Hetty hedgehog having a little SNUFFLE at the extra blackberries at the bottom of the wreath. I love love love her so much!



The finished wreath on the kitchen table – to give you another background colour.  Yes I was standing on the chair!! 


Here it is sitting in the hall, you can see the lovely stripy sides!

I am so incredibly happy happy, happy at this lovely wreath and soooooo proud that I made it. I feel like I really achieved what I set out to make and it surpassed all of my expectations. 

Thank you all for following it’s progress on my blog. Now to recover from the mammoth photo taking and trying to write sensibly instead of babbling with happiness. 

Thank you Karen. :O)xx

Other marvellous mixtures @Mix-Ture43

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::Saltaire and Salts Mill::

Hello blogland!! I'm back from a very hectic first week back to school after the relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable half term holidays. We went to Saltaire, near leeds, which of course is where E is at University.

What a beautiful place it is too.

I have wanted to go here for some time, as I have heard so many wonderful things about Salt's Mill and the history of the area, so it was great to be able to go with all of my little family. E got the train in Leeds and met us at Shipley station, before we walked along the canal towards Saltaire. It was beautifully autumnal and quiet.


Fabulous barges, house boats and lots and lots of ducks!!!


Lots of strolling, running and dog walking going on and it was lovely to greet and acknowledge people going about their business.


There is also a lovely art work trail; we saw two of them on the route we had taken.



In the mill itself it was fabulous to see the permanent Hockney exhibition, the amazing array of books in the bookshop and the textile exhibition current in residence. I browsed through all of the lovely books.

I loved that they have used throughout the site, lots of the pieces of furniture and equipment to display things. 

It is such a beautiful place.

There was a textile Exhibition running  and it was fantastic – so much talent, interpretation and beautiful work. It took me right back to my textile student roots and made me feel all emotional and warm to look at them and think about the qualities in the variety of work. Just beautiful. Cloth and memory 2, you can check out the webiste for this here.




The mill has an amazing roof structure that provided the most fabulous backdrop for these installation pieces.




These next pictures were my absolute complete and utter favourite – they brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. Totally beautiful. They are by Jeanette Appleton her website is here. The description read…

"A highly experienced artist, her response for Cloth & Memory will use the 'silencing' context of felt as a metaphor for the absorption of sound and memory. Intimate works based on the original ledgers and sample books are placed in the wall cavities originally used by workers to store bobbins."


A spectrum of colours.



The idea that all of the muttering, conversation and productive noise that occured when the women were spinning the cloth and winding the threads on their bobbins really resonated with me. I loved the idea of them being silent recorders in the gap where the bobbins should be. Evoking many ideas and thoughts of working conditins, hours worked and expecations unsaid.

You can tell I loved it can't you! Well I did.


We lunched in Salt's Diner, which was InCrEdIbLy busy but I had a gorgeous chestnut and butternut squash rissotto. J, J and E all had soup and a sandwich (but no gluten free food so I plumped for rice). Coffee was very good, and then we went to see the Hockney's. WOW!! Loved The Rake's Progress prints – so much we bought one.

David hockney print

Loved the humour of this, and the referrence to Hogarths work  fromthe original series he did. So it now needs a frame to grace the walls of my currently being decorated hall and stairs.

I totally loved my visit to Salt's Mill and having a gorgeous family day with my little guys (well ok they're not so little now!) It fed my textile creative, artistic brain. It filled my family bucket of love and hugs to the very top seeing all of my boys together. I loved that they enjoyed my glee, delight and giddiness at being a textile nutcase again, if only for a day – surrounded by art they didn't understand and explanations they weren't sure they agreed with.

Great art does that; it makes you think, wonder and even disagree. Having an opinion is what counts!

A lovely, lovely visit.