::A Boxing Day Walk::

It is customary in our house to go for a walk on Boxing Day, as I think it is with a lot of people.



In past years we have walked around Buttermere, slipped and slid our way down the long path to the lake and wibbled and wobbled our way around. This was all worthwhile knowing that back at the car, a picnic coomplete with a hot flask of tea, turkey and ham sandwiches, mince pies, christmas cake, stollen and lots of other nibbles and delghts – post walk all calorie free!! (Ha, well maybe.)


This time we decided to stay a little closer to home – only 10 minutes away – and we went to the lovely Dodd Wood. There are a number of managable walks of varying difficulty and terrain and we chose the yellow one. No picnic this time, but lots of happy christmassy delights waiting at home not far away.


The light today was amazing… the winter sun was translucent and crisp and brittle all at the same time.


Lovely, lime green, lichen – beautiful and frosty, there was lots of it about today and I do love it soooo much- such an amazing natural colour! It looks like it will be stiff an crinkly when you touch it but it is so soft and fragile like petals.


I do love living here – so near to the Lakes, the hills and fells and the silence.




Such a lovely walk. In the summer we would normally stop off for cake and tea in the Sawmill Tea room however it is closed for the season right now.

Home for another chritsmas feast, nibbles, munchies and another session with my crocheted lampshade number two… would you like a sneaky peek?…


It is worked in a beautiful glittery yarn I got at Yarndale from Texere. I doubled it up to get the ply right, and it will make an old lampstand very happy and upcycled indeed!

See you in the new year!



Other mixtures!

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:: All is calm… All is bright::

Merry Christmas everyone… as the good song says!

It's been a little busy leading up to the Christmas break, and now Christmas day is over, I'll be having a well deserved and longed for rest. Christmas cake turned out well – I use Mary Berry's Aga recipe and it always works wonderfully well.


Busy making and crocheting Christmas decorations, presents and organising all of the food, housey things and family timetables(after a very intense end of term at school) almost drove me over the edge of tiredness into can't be bothered ville! However, family, sleep, food, sleep and family all rallied around to make christmas special, warm, cosy, and filled me up with good old fashioned family love and warmth. Aaaaaahhhhhhh…. (sigh of contentment.)






(Got to love my youngest son's sense of humour – handmade cards!!)

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year, and I hope that the coming new season brings everything you need for a happy, healthy and homely life.




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::Autumn wreath – Ta-Dah!!!::
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