:: Wasdale Part One::


Remember in my post, Weekend Relaxing, I mentioned purchases? Well the big purchase we made was a new-to-us Caravan. Meet Doris, she is my latest makeover project, (well the house is nearly finished), and as E said, “You’ve run out of places to crochet in the house so you need more space?” Maybe…. was my reply! Having camped in our super-large family tent since the boys were 5 and 8 years old, we have enjoyed many holiday trips, to the sea in Norfolk, Exeter and the Jurassic coast, and also to other parts of The Lake District. Getting a caravan seemed like the next step for us.

Our new-to-us caravan Doris. Now she is 30 years old, so classed as Retro or Classic instead of Vintage, and is in need of a makeover and a bit of a Mixture43 treatment, but she’s perfectly roadworthy and habitable. Lots and lots of beige… I’ll leave it at that!


I used my Festival Granny Stripe Blanket and my Sunshine Granny Square Blanket to cheer her up for this trip and it certainly did the trick, along with a couple of homemade crochet cushions.Image

Ooooh did you spot my new book? It has some lovely inspirational caravan makeover pictures (but more of that later).

Once we’d got her ship-shaped – well caravan-shaped I should say, we settled down for an evening view of the area. It was a lovely Gold rated David Bellamy caravan and camping site near to the west coast at Seascale, so lots of flaura and fauna to look at and of course being in an Area of Outstanding beauty you wouldn’t expect anything other than beautiful things to look at!

 Just look at the view from Doris’s window!Image

Wasdale and nearby Eskdale fells and mountains were only a few miles away, so we plotted and planned our walking and ascent. We had such beautiful weather on our trip to the South Lakes Area of Wasdale. J and I visited there over twenty years ago (was it really so long ago?) and I have always thought it would be lovely to return, I hoped it would still be as beautiful as I had remembered. It is breathtakingly stunning. We looked out at the view over a homemade supper cooked on Doris’s stove top. We are going to have many adventures, it’s going to be great!

A little bit of morning snuggly ripply hooky in my Doris bed…Image

We decided that we would walk along the side of the Lake. As I was just recovering from an acute episode with my back… lets just say half an hour to get off the floor in excruciating pain and not standing up straight for what seemed like eternity (bottom out like a duck and sideways slant is never a good look), we thought that a flat-ish walk would be better. To be honest I really needed to move about too so I gritted my teeth and off we went.Image

It was such a lovely walk, peaceful, tranquil, silent even at times but for the flowing and rippling water and rustling leaves in the gentle breeze.


The light casts such beautiful shadows on the fells and mountain, it’s quite Scandinavian to look at, well so I’ve ben told. I haven’t been there… yet!


Skimming stones… you just have to at every opportunity, always a competition! Dad and son… who won? Not so little J of course!Image

You can see how far the water rose in the recent months with all of the wet and windy weather, in fact one of the locals told us it had been pouring down until only two days before, and he was heartily sick of rain! I’m not surprised with this much water , however it’s not called the Lake District or nothing!

Then there were the damaged trees…ImageImage

I was so proud of myself for walking along an undulating road and not a flat one as promised and my back did very well. In fact at times I forgot all about it what with the beautiful Wasdale scenery and sounds to look and listen to.


After a little rest, some buttered hot crossed buns and a slurp of coffee, that we had in our rucsac, we set off back the other way. My back had warmed up by now and was actually beginning to sort itself out. I was feeling so much better and enjoying the chat, jokes and banter that was flowing back and forth from Little J and J. Oh my, how 15 year olds, (really my baby is 15?) can talk of such random things!


I knew I wanted to go to the sea. I love being near the water, lakes, sea, streams, it is always so calming and reminds me of caravanning trips with my parents to Great Yarmouth, Poole in Dorset and Western Super-mare. I loved caravanning as a girl, the joy of hitching up and getting off, the waking up and remembering where you were in your cosy caravan bed. The return from school on a Friday evening and seeing the bags packed and ready for the off. My children are too old for that kind of excitement, but I have to say I was so overjoyed when little J decided to come with us, no wifi, no Xbox and all those other teenage boy toys. But he was very pleasantly surprised. He is outdoorsy too, I might add, so enjoys a good walk. And he does love water… he’s my water baby.ImageImage

Seascale is a quiet place, although being one of the starting places for the C2C cycle ride, it can get busy from Easter to October.  Last year E and J made that self same ride across the country cycling 142 miles in two days, they did Seascale to Whitby. Little J and I followed in the car with supplies, flapjacks and coffee. It was quite the adventure!

Anyhoo….  Seascale and the beach. Lots of lovely bits and bobs and ripples!!Image

Fish shaped stone, in a gorgeous shade of blue.ImageImageImage

We enjoyed an ice cream sitting on a bench looking at the sea. Then, with weary legs and a hungry tummy, we headed off back to Doris for the night.

The evening view from Doris was spectacular.


The day ended with a Very satisfying ‘CLUNK’ as I laid down and snuggled in my Doris bed. The relief in my back was fantastic and having not slept so well for a week or more, I slept like a baby. Wasdale and Doris the Caravan had lived up to every dream and expectation I had and more.  Great times ahead.

:: Year End Review: 2013: Part Two::

So here it is… part two. In some words (but mainly pictures). It took me so very long to get the pictures sorted I have resolved to organise my photo library for the new year!! A New Years resolution I hope to keep! Enjoy :o)xx

•∆• July

July 2013

Camping at the Cambridge Folk festival, finishing my Sunshine Granny Square Blanket, Ta-Dah post here, and new yarn arrives for Festival granny stripe blanket!

•∆• August

August 2013

Rome and Pompeii was AmAzInG!!! Amazing weather, amazing sights and history and amazing company. Our first family holiday without E was a bit emotional but we moved on and we're ok! Plodding on with new projects.

•∆• September

September 2013

E went on his way to Leeds College of Music and so so so proud we are, you can read all about it in my post here! My studio in the HayLoft was finished. School started back and the old routine of life springs back quickly. Weekends are taken up with visits to Leeds while E settles in. We all miss him. :o( However a super special trip to Yarndale cheers me up no end with my friend Fi!

•∆• October

October 2013

Tutti-fruity lampshade is finished see the Ta-Dah post here. J and I have our birthday, and we splash out on a night at the malmaison in Leeds and visit E at the same time. Half term visit to Saltaire was wonderfully relaxing and a bonus visit to E too! :o)

•∆• November

November 2013

Cold, cold, cold… wet and windy too. But beautifully Autumnal, see here for an autumn walk. Bonfire night, busy with my Autumn Wreath and the little details for that. So happy with it's completion- a new challenge having never made one before.

•∆• December

December 2013

With a deeply satisfying sigh we reach the end of the year. E home from College, end of a challenging school term and a joyous time making and creating presents for friends and family. Chilly hands dug down deep in pockets for a head clearing Boxing day walk.

It is so lovely, happy and satisying to look back over my year – finding crochet again around late spring and beginning my blog and Facebook page. It felt strange 'talking' and sharing my life with the great wide world, but that has now become such a blessing when I look back over my year in print and photos.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported me, with comments, likes, and shares- they mean a lot!

I look forwards to finding new 'friends' and learning more, trying more and challenging myself to even greater heights!




favourite MixTures from the year 

::2013: Year end review: part one::
-Lovely – Sunny Festival Granny stripe blanket!-
– Whilst the weather…-
::It's great to have a catch up…::

::Ta-Dah!!!!! Flower Burst cushion ::


Front and back views…

I have been working on this cushion for only a couple of weeks – B.Y. (before Yarndale) – and it has come together so quickly and satisfyingly!

In the beginning…

I purchased a lovely feather filled cushion, and some violet and purple shades of yarn, Stylecraft and King Cole that I originally thought I'd work for a tonal look!

But that changed…

 I found a little bit of help from Lucy at Attic24


and I just kept frilling and hooking…

 See what I mean about the colours? A bit of green crept in and then…

 Some yellow, some blue and some orange and then it grew, and it grew and it grew until… 


(yes there were more not-purple colours added) it was the right size! It really did blossom and burst, and it feels amazing!! All those ripples, ruffles and pretty petals. GoRgEoUs!


So then to do the back! Start with the chain and DC stitches just like Lucy says…

 The back worked up really quickly, increasing 5 stitches every alternate row, just like the front. I finished it with a pretty red coloured ruffle of petals around the edge. I completed this at my stitching group this month and it was a lovely, relaxing feeling getting to the end of this lovely cushion. I was alomost sad that the creative and organic approach I took with this project was coming to an end.

Eventually I attached the two together. I actually stitched the pad into it, I'm sure it won't need to come out very often!

And so here it is… Ta-Dah!!! In it's lovely place in the longe all cosy, colourful and eyecatching. I'm pleased I changed my colour ideas, and I love the variety of it. Happy happy! :o)xx


Hope youlike it! Now to finish my granny square cushion, that has been on the back burner for a couple of months! Will post pictures soon. :o)


::It’s great to have a catch up…::

Hi there, haven't had a chat in ages!! It's so good to get the time to catch up and tell you all my news and the things I've been up to in the last month or so. I can't believe it's so long, where does time go?

It is a bit like greeting an old friend and in some aspects feels just like yesterday that I was writing my last blog!

So Hooky wise catch up:

I started a Flower burst cushion using Lucy's blog and tutorial to help me.


and it's coming along beautifully (I'll post my Ta-dah! for this cushion very, very soon.)


Parenting wise catch up:

I've been back and forth to Leeds to firstly settle him, move him into his flat, he ahs a great view

and then to catch up and fill the cupboards!! It takes about 2 hours 45 minutes to travel there and so we've stayed over the last twice. In fact the last time, last weekend, was on my birthdayand the grand age of forty four, so we stayed at the beautifully boutique-ified Malmaison hotel in Leeds as a treat! 

It had the most beautiful stairs…

Stairs malmaison

I had such a lovely birthday, seeing my big boy, sharing food and then seeing my lovely brand new baby nephew too! Yum, yum, baby cuddles, with his new baby blanket.


I added some edging to it at the last minute and I think it really finishes it off.

I do miss Big grown up E, but he's settled, happy and beginning to mingle in the student musical world that he now inhabits so at least he's getting himself out and about, and he can cook all manner of things now!!  He has even got to grips with the laundrette, so all is good. Phew!!!

Yarn wise catch up:

Well of course I went to Yarndale with my friend Fi and we stayed overnight in a lovely Inn called The New Inn at Clapham near Skipton. They served delicious food: here was my small desert, chocolate brownie…

It was deliciously HUGE!!! and I ate every bit :o)

We had a lovely evening and two days at Yarndale, despite the triple booking of the town over the weekend and the hoards and masses of hooky, yarny, crafty, knitty minded people descending on the little dales town! I have completed my special Yarndale post which you can see here! 

School wise catch up:

I have survived and recovered from my trip to London with my Year 6 children and the staff, however I did return quite sick (literally) and needed a weekend to recover. It was incredibly tiring and I didn't get any hooking done but I did see lots of inspiring sights, and have bonded and gelled well with my team, and the kiddiwinkles. It was amazing. A yarn bombed cab anyone!!

How are things with you then, here's me chattering on about myself! Would be great to know what you've been up to as well. Drop me a line and let me know!

So now for more blogging and writing. Was great to see you and  have a natter. Must not leave it so long next time!! Take care xx