:: Weekend relaxing::

What a beautiful weekend it has been, and how lovely to get out and about, with the promise of the Easter holidays just around the corner. We break-up on Wednesday for not quite two weeks. Relaxing this weekend has been lovely.

This weekend I have been::

::Making bunting for my friends newly adopted children – a welcome present from stitching group for their new little bedrooms. A boy and a girl. I have completed my crochet contribution- I hope they like them.


 ::Visiting Cockermouth, it’s very near- home to Woolfest – for supplies, new glasses for J and a pop into my favourite bookshop, The New Bookshop



::Perusing. Isn’t it just a wonderfully welcoming place to browse, relax and loose yourself in the books? I love it. Then for the coffee and of course cake. J and I shared two different cakes, me with my Americano and him with his Earl Grey and lemon. Such a beautiful coloured tea!



::Admiring. The Maryport Quilters had an exhibition in the church hall so we had a little look see in there. Some beautiful quilts.



::Relaxing and walking along the river, the daffodils are almost at their end but still brighten up the bank and look lovely.




::Homemaking. More of my kaleidoscope blanket motifs.


::Mothering. Cooking a lovely Roast beef dinner (especially for my returning student who is home for Easter) and then enjoyed a little relaxing walk in the village.


::Cherishing. My gorgeous cherry blossom tree is beginning to burst with beautiful pink buds, and it won’t be long before it’s candy coloured confetti is floating around the garden. A gorgeous Sunday evening here in the West of Cumbria with a beautiful Solway view.



::Planning. A holiday at Wasdale with J and little J, whilst E its off to Rome with his girlfriend L. His belated 18th Birthday present. There is also something else I’ve been doing….

::Purchasing:: but I’ll tell you more of that next time!!

Happy Weekend.


::Ta-Dah!!!!! Flower Burst cushion ::


Front and back views…

I have been working on this cushion for only a couple of weeks – B.Y. (before Yarndale) – and it has come together so quickly and satisfyingly!

In the beginning…

I purchased a lovely feather filled cushion, and some violet and purple shades of yarn, Stylecraft and King Cole that I originally thought I'd work for a tonal look!

But that changed…

 I found a little bit of help from Lucy at Attic24


and I just kept frilling and hooking…

 See what I mean about the colours? A bit of green crept in and then…

 Some yellow, some blue and some orange and then it grew, and it grew and it grew until… 


(yes there were more not-purple colours added) it was the right size! It really did blossom and burst, and it feels amazing!! All those ripples, ruffles and pretty petals. GoRgEoUs!


So then to do the back! Start with the chain and DC stitches just like Lucy says…

 The back worked up really quickly, increasing 5 stitches every alternate row, just like the front. I finished it with a pretty red coloured ruffle of petals around the edge. I completed this at my stitching group this month and it was a lovely, relaxing feeling getting to the end of this lovely cushion. I was alomost sad that the creative and organic approach I took with this project was coming to an end.

Eventually I attached the two together. I actually stitched the pad into it, I'm sure it won't need to come out very often!

And so here it is… Ta-Dah!!! In it's lovely place in the longe all cosy, colourful and eyecatching. I'm pleased I changed my colour ideas, and I love the variety of it. Happy happy! :o)xx


Hope youlike it! Now to finish my granny square cushion, that has been on the back burner for a couple of months! Will post pictures soon. :o)


::Summer holiday bits and bobs::

I cannot believe there is only two full weeks left and I'll be back to work, planning my topic and after moving classroom, organising, labelling and theming the book corners and displays! So much to do.

I've been plodding on with Festival granny stripe blanket and it's coming on nicely.


•BuT• there is still time to enjoy the summer holidays that remain, visits to places that have been on my list for some time and finishing little jobs and BiTs and BoBs that I wanted to do. So here are some pictures of little things that have taken up some happy hours and have been lovely little things to pass the time, between bigger projects.


I was VERY happy to take delivery of my new cocoa mugs by Emma Bridgewater, having broken one of my other ones. I do love the polka dots and have a number of these already – but this time I went for a Toast option too.

Then my lovely new Yarndale bag arrived, only 6 weeks to go and I'm excited at going along to this and meeting lots of other hooky, crochet, knitter people! Lucy @Attic24 has been a key ambassador for this festival of creativity and has worked hard at getting lots of it organised – shout out to Lucy!! Well done!


My new-to-me printers drawer arrived – it's in need of a clean and a woodworm spray – but otherwise my threads, cottons and buttons are gong to look stunning in it. Ebay – is a wonderful thing! 99p and 2.99 postage! An AbSoLuTe bargain!

•ALSO• my gorgeous new yarn arrived (of course I'd ordered all of these thigs so not really surpirise but still…) King Cole Merino blend DK 100% British made. It is beautiful, Sharon at Great British Yarns helped me out as some of the colours are low in stock, but fired off an email to her and she is a star, all sorted!


and it works up beautifully too, baby granny squares for a cushion…

Going to granny stripe the back.

Visited The WoolClip and bought some grogeous yarn, Jan and Cecelia produce it from their sheep Blue Faced Leicester's I think, anyway lovely. I know just what I'm going to do with it! Will tell you later :o)


Got the Decoptach bug.

Made some flower bunting for my party…

 Notice the completed decoptach 'K' on there too.

Then the PaRtY… my lovely friends from my Stitching group and I have a party every few months or so, where the fmailies get together and we eat lovely food, drink alcoholic things and generally chat and enjoy each others company. Not a bad spread with only a few emails and gluten free, vegetarian dairy free food in abundance!!

 Before and after….

Empty plates. It was delish, great company, good food, some laughs some ooohs and some awwwwhs, with some lovely news too. Little girlies enjoyed Just dance and Big boys enjoyed driving on the XboX, (well so did one Extra little girly who struggled to meet the pedals so drove Capri-style!). Great night. :o)x

Decorating the kitchen with decorative stickers,…. boy did it take a while and was it tricky? YES it was tricky but I think it looks stunning. Got the kit from Achica they have some beautiful things, you have to be a registered user but it's free and they have discounts etc. 

What do you think?



I'm loving it, and it just peels off when you decide you don't want it anymore!



So between the rain I decided to renew my outside planters, I went to the garden centre and bought lots of plants. Lovely colours and flowers and then installed them into the lovely newly painted pots.


Trying to brighten up the garden, having been scorched in the intense sun, and now drenched in the total down pours!

Looking back over the last two weeks, I have been a busy little bee!!

All that and organising my 18 year old – A Level results day today was a sparkling success – huge sigh of relief and gush of happiness and tinge of sadness and massive amounts of PROUD!!

Trying to keep my 14 year old busy and off his laptop, Xbox and out in something called  fresh air!!

I've also been starting my studio project, reorganising the spare room- snug -hay loft into a workable space for me to use for all my crafty things and maybe even have my stitching group meetings there too sometimes. Sneaky preview on its way!

Have chosen the paint, J is busy sanding and doing the smelly paint bit so should be up and running quiete soon. Have bought a new-to-me sofa bed from Impact Furniture and then to decorate with lovely crafty homemade textiles, blankets, blind and cushions. Ooooooooohhhhh, sooooo excited! See you soon.