:: Year End Review: 2013: Part Two::

So here it is… part two. In some words (but mainly pictures). It took me so very long to get the pictures sorted I have resolved to organise my photo library for the new year!! A New Years resolution I hope to keep! Enjoy :o)xx

•∆• July

July 2013

Camping at the Cambridge Folk festival, finishing my Sunshine Granny Square Blanket, Ta-Dah post here, and new yarn arrives for Festival granny stripe blanket!

•∆• August

August 2013

Rome and Pompeii was AmAzInG!!! Amazing weather, amazing sights and history and amazing company. Our first family holiday without E was a bit emotional but we moved on and we're ok! Plodding on with new projects.

•∆• September

September 2013

E went on his way to Leeds College of Music and so so so proud we are, you can read all about it in my post here! My studio in the HayLoft was finished. School started back and the old routine of life springs back quickly. Weekends are taken up with visits to Leeds while E settles in. We all miss him. :o( However a super special trip to Yarndale cheers me up no end with my friend Fi!

•∆• October

October 2013

Tutti-fruity lampshade is finished see the Ta-Dah post here. J and I have our birthday, and we splash out on a night at the malmaison in Leeds and visit E at the same time. Half term visit to Saltaire was wonderfully relaxing and a bonus visit to E too! :o)

•∆• November

November 2013

Cold, cold, cold… wet and windy too. But beautifully Autumnal, see here for an autumn walk. Bonfire night, busy with my Autumn Wreath and the little details for that. So happy with it's completion- a new challenge having never made one before.

•∆• December

December 2013

With a deeply satisfying sigh we reach the end of the year. E home from College, end of a challenging school term and a joyous time making and creating presents for friends and family. Chilly hands dug down deep in pockets for a head clearing Boxing day walk.

It is so lovely, happy and satisying to look back over my year – finding crochet again around late spring and beginning my blog and Facebook page. It felt strange 'talking' and sharing my life with the great wide world, but that has now become such a blessing when I look back over my year in print and photos.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported me, with comments, likes, and shares- they mean a lot!

I look forwards to finding new 'friends' and learning more, trying more and challenging myself to even greater heights!




favourite MixTures from the year 

::2013: Year end review: part one::
-Lovely – Sunny Festival Granny stripe blanket!-
– Whilst the weather…-
::It's great to have a catch up…::

::A Boxing Day Walk::

It is customary in our house to go for a walk on Boxing Day, as I think it is with a lot of people.



In past years we have walked around Buttermere, slipped and slid our way down the long path to the lake and wibbled and wobbled our way around. This was all worthwhile knowing that back at the car, a picnic coomplete with a hot flask of tea, turkey and ham sandwiches, mince pies, christmas cake, stollen and lots of other nibbles and delghts – post walk all calorie free!! (Ha, well maybe.)


This time we decided to stay a little closer to home – only 10 minutes away – and we went to the lovely Dodd Wood. There are a number of managable walks of varying difficulty and terrain and we chose the yellow one. No picnic this time, but lots of happy christmassy delights waiting at home not far away.


The light today was amazing… the winter sun was translucent and crisp and brittle all at the same time.


Lovely, lime green, lichen – beautiful and frosty, there was lots of it about today and I do love it soooo much- such an amazing natural colour! It looks like it will be stiff an crinkly when you touch it but it is so soft and fragile like petals.


I do love living here – so near to the Lakes, the hills and fells and the silence.




Such a lovely walk. In the summer we would normally stop off for cake and tea in the Sawmill Tea room however it is closed for the season right now.

Home for another chritsmas feast, nibbles, munchies and another session with my crocheted lampshade number two… would you like a sneaky peek?…


It is worked in a beautiful glittery yarn I got at Yarndale from Texere. I doubled it up to get the ply right, and it will make an old lampstand very happy and upcycled indeed!

See you in the new year!



Other mixtures!

::Autumn wreath – Ta-Dah!!!::
:: All is calm… All is bright::
-Yum, scrumptious, delish-
::Yarndale 2013 – There and Back again…::

::TA-DAH!!! Crochet Lampshade::

I can hardly control the delight and uncontainable glee at the loading up of this blog post – I am so incredibly proud of this project. :o)xxxx


The light shows off it's amazing shape and looks almost like a stained glass window. It wasn't an easy project, there were many times when I pulled bits out, changed colours, or was stuck with the shaping. But, being organic was exciting, as I ddn't know what the finished result would be, just a vague picture in my head!!

When I got the lampshade and it looked like this…


I knew I wanted it to be based on circles and not stripes, but there would be some stripes in it for the edging. You can find the tutorial (as much as it is) for this lampshade here, and I hope it inspires upcycling projects like this as Delquilter inspired me with her lampshade… remember

So here are a few of the  pictures of my new and gorgeous lampshade which will take pride of place in my soon to be revealed studio.



It looks particularly beautiful when the light is on, but equally colourful when it isn't. I'm really pleased with the edging so that the shape of the shade can be seen.


As you can see I added some teeny weeny crocheted balls onto the bottom edge, really easy to make but a tiny bit fiddly instructions are here. I'm really pleased with the results though and have already sourced a couple of new shades from the charity shop to make some more and try out other designs. Watch this space!!!


::Ta-Dah!! Jam jar jacket::

So having got my studio nearly sorted and ready for the big reveal, I needed somewhere to put my knitting needes and pencils. So here you go…



A jam jar jacket to house my needles.

I'll be making some more and trying out new ideas, for the next few, and maybe even some beading and button work around the top. it's a great way to try new stitches and edgings too.

Upcycling, practical, colourful, cheery and lovely all at the same time, makes me happy, happy, happy!!!




::Busy, busy, busy – lampshade and pizza ::

Just another quick post, two updates.

::Update 1::

I have been busy, busy, busy, making my newly named Tutti-Fruity Lampshade (Inspiration from Delquilter on Ravelry) see my previous post here and I've begun to work out and crochet the circles I will need. I am going to adapt the original Apple-Cherry-Fizz-Bomb version though and add some crochet ripples into it too and maybe have a crochet bobble border. I can see it finished in my head!

I'm using Stylecraft yarn I bought from the Wool warehouse and I'll be placing an LED bulb in the shade once finished (no heat therefore safer), much to J's relief. I think he thought I was going to have a safety hazard on our hands, but he feels reassured now. Phew!!

So I've started my circles and chosen my palette.


I'm figuring out the circles needed, and I've made the first 8 for around the top. I've started crocheting the first of 8 larger ones and then I'll make 8 panels for the sides with crochet inserted shapes. It's all a bit take-it-slowly-and-see-how-it-goes but so far (fingers crossed) it's going well. I LOVE it!!



So I will keep you up-to-date and maybe even write a tutorial for this – depends on how transferable the sizes are as the shades may differ. It is a great upcycling project and recycling at it's best me thinks!!

Remember how yesterday I was busy, busy, busy with baking, homemade, things and homebaking? Well.

::Update 2::

…on the pizza and bread buns. Sad I know, but I'm soo impressed with gluten free homemade bread – it tastes like Bread!

Ta-Dah!! I have successfully made gluten-free bread for a pizza and it was delish!!

As you can see I had already taken a chunk out when I took the photo – it looked too good to wait!

It was lovely and crispy on the base ( the Aga does that very well) and I topped it with tomato puree, mozzarella cheese, rocket leaves, ribbons of courgettes (freshly picked that morning) cheddar cheese, olives (green and black) and dried basil.

The pizza was lovely with my homemade coleslaw and the bread buns turned out really well too – in fact I think they've now gone!

It's great having the time to get on and do these things, I just hope I can be organised and disciplined enough once back to school to ensure I bake, make and have time for crafty things. They make me soooo happy! 🙂




::Happy, Homemade, Homegrown, Happy::

•Happy number 1•

Happy… I found an amazing picture on Ravelry on Delquilters profile, of a lampshade that she has crocheted, with an amazing selection of yarn colours,and I knew I just HAVE to make one too.

Standard_lamp_001_mediumIt gives off such a beautiful light when lit and looks absolutley stunningly, beautifully, gorgeous!!

Isn't it fantastic!! Oh yes I hear you cry – amazingly so. :o)x

So off to the charity shop I went and I got a retro lampshade, crying out to me, yes talking to me… and so I made it HAPPY and me HAPPY and I bought it and he's ready for his new crochet covering!! (Well once I've taken off his old clothes!)


Homemade coleslaw for tea – mmm, mmm, mmm! I lurve coleslaw! Shredded white cabbage, grated carrot, spring onion, mayonnaise, (not too much!), chopped apple and pumpkin seeds! Delicious and so simple to make. I remember as a girl having lovely homemade bread, my mum used to make a batch every week, fresh yorkshire ham off the bone (from the local deli) and homemade coleslaw for a cheeky Saturday lunch whilst my Dad and brother went to watch the local football team. The smell of homemade bread, crisp fresh coleslaw and a glass of homemade lemonade, couldn't be beaten and has transported me back to being about 8 years old. Ooooh, I know what I'm going to make tomorrow, YES you guessed, gluten-free bread! Hmmmm, wonder if it will be quite the same?

Now to get the other bits ready for dinner and dig up HoMeGrOwN.


Homegrown new potatoes, you just cannot beat them!! Now I know not every potato wants to spend it's short but worthy life in an Ikea bag, but they make for great potato grow bags!! They sit really well on my paved garden area and homegrown is always better. Great recycling don't you think? Look!

So fingers crossed there will be a reasonably good crop, having had all that sunshine but not much rain (especially whilst we were away on holiday). So here we go…

Quite a lot of the happy  little lovelies for one small potato grow bag, some big, some tiny, but all delicious I'm sure.


And my little potato family…

and they are ready, all buttered up to go with the parma ham, mozzarella, melon, coleslaw and salad. Yum, yum.

•Happy number 2•

Happy… I went to Impact Furniture Services, a great place that take away your unwanted but usable furniture and sell it or give it to people who need it, and I got myself a retro chair for my studio that I can upcycle.


Once it has been sanded, it will get the same treatment as my first deco patching endeavour and be decopatched. Then it will get a new seat and it will look adorable! Have some lovely new Cath Kidston gingham check and some Cath Kidston Rosali fabric to use. Will keep you up to date!

So now that I've got my classroom looking lovely ready for Septembers new year 6's, I can spend a couple of days and a bank holiday weekend getting my studio sorted. It has been painted, furniture has been bought, roman blind kit has been purchased, fabric for said roman blind has been purchased and sorting and organising has been completed. Phew!!

On tomorrows list is:

1. make homemade bread and other lovely gluten-free baking.

2. go to deli for yorkshire ham on the bone!

3. have bread, ham and coleslaw sandwich for lunch – yum, yum!

4. begin to make blind for studio.

What a busy day, when combined with the usual household chores and jobs I need to do. I'll be settling down to some more of festival granny stripe blanket  I think, as it's probably feeling a little neglected!

Sorry it's a bit longer than I'd thought, but got a bit carried away with the bread nostalgia!! Bye for now. 🙂